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The Blavatnik Awards For Young Scientists

Highlights from the 2023 Blavatnik Awards Ceremony

Recognizing Breakthrough Research and Discovery 
in Science

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Honorees of the 2022 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the UK

The Awards are the largest unrestricted prize ever created for early-career scientists.

The awards, administered by the New York Academy of Sciences, recognize exceptional scientists when they need it most – in the early years of their professional careers. It is at this critical time, during promising early stage discovery, that validation and funding will make the difference between those ideas that end in the lab and those that go on to make transformative breakthroughs in science. The awards are open to scientists age 42 and younger working in the fields of Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering or Life Sciences. Honorees are selected based on the quality, novelty, and impact of their research and their potential for further contributions to science.

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2023 US National Winners

US National Awards

Identifying outstanding faculty-level scientists across the United States.

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2023 US Regional Winners

US Regional Awards

Honoring postdoctoral scientists in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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United Kingdom Awards

United Kingdom Awards

Celebrating faculty-level scientists working in the United Kingdom.

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Israel Awards

Israel Awards

Honoring faculty-level scientists based in Israel; co-administered by The New York Academy of Sciences and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

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To date, there are:











By the close of 2023, the Blavatnik Awards will have recognized 443 young scientists and engineers from 52 countries and awarded prizes totalling over $15.4million.



Blavatnik Scholars rally to the fight against COVID-19. From predicting and detecting disease spread to identifying an effective treatment, recipients of the Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists rise to the challenge as society calls on scientists to help repair the world.



Three women are named Blavatnik National Awards Laureates, marking the first time in Blavatnik National Awards history that the top prize is concurrently awards to female scientists in each of the three disciplinary categories. In 2018, three women were also awarded the top prize in each category in the Blavatnik Regional `Awards



The inaugural Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom and in Israel receive 124 nominations from 67 institutions and 47 nominations from eight institutions, respectively. The Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists are conferred for the first time in both countries. In Israel, the New York Academy of Sciences collaborates with the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in administering the awards.



The Blavatnik National Awards announce its first National Laureates in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry. The Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences hosts the first annual Blavatnik Science Symposium.



The Blavatnik Family Foundation announces a doubling of the prize money for winners and finalists. The following year, the Awards granted three $250,000 prizes in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry to faculty scientists.



The Blavatnik Regional Awards are created in the United States to celebrate the outstanding postdoctoral and faculty scientists who work in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

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